The lure of buried treasure

After yesterday’s post, I shall introduce today’s post by pulling back the curtain and saying “Ta-der”.




The first land we set foot upon seems fairly pleasant. A gate led on to lush fields, greenery and the like.
There is also an extremely competitive limbo competition in progress.

We needed to win the competition to gain access to the second gate barring our way.
Fortunately for us, one of our team had recently been rendered (almost) 2D so it was simply a matter of slipping Uncle Frank beneath the bar.

Onwards and downwards, comrades- there is a long journey still ahead of us…


Dwindling profits

Honesty got the better of me halfway across the river Styx and I admitted to the ferryman that we would be unable to pay him upon landing but could offer him a share of the riches that await us.

He was forced to agree to this and may yet prove to be a helpful guide on our quest.

At the same time, given the size of our party, I can’t help thinking that we may be spreading the wealth a little thinly…

ferryman playing cards will be available through the soon to be opened imaginary emporium


Well it was much simpler than we thought.
Turning the plaque upside down, all was made clear.

So we pulled. Uncle Frank is expected to recover from the injuries sustained after being crushed beneath the huge oak door.

Down the tunnel an anomalous view stood before us. A deserted underground village.
I hope this doesn’t turn into a perilous “journey to the centre of the earth” affair


Pssst! A request for advice.

Psstt! Pssssst!! Hello!. yes, you!

Sorry about this- I’m having to blog very quietly while the others are asleep. I don’t want them to hear this but I have serious misgivings about our treasure-hunting expedition.

Having followed the treasure map that Uncle Frank brought back from Borneo, we have come across a very old door hidden between a zig-zagging series of stone slabs…on the door was the handle shown below.

Now… here is the cause of my troubled mind- it is identical to the handles of the underground storage vault back at Killkaties Hall. So what is it doing in a remote crevice in the mountains of Borneo? How can that be?

Did Frank really find the map in Borneo? Why was he so willing to share it with the rest of us?
I can trust no one. So what is my next move?
Do I slip away into the night?
Should I confront Frank?
Should I hold out for the treasure?
Help me, folks- I am totally at a loss.
I really need your advice!