Goodbye Goat World

Well, a stitch in time did save nine. We lost Salty the Sea Dog, Satchel McGinty and “Child” which is all a bit of a same and very sad and all so we’ve decided to cheer ourselves up by saying ‘goodbye’ to Goat World with a big musical number, to be choreographed by Robert Fussie.

Here he is now, running us through how to master ‘jazz hands’. If rehearsals go according to plan, tomorrow it’s showtime!

Given this turn of events, I’m not entirely convinced that our repairs to the rift in space and time were entirely successful…



Gerard takes control!

Imagine, if you will, that this paragraph contains 10 handy tips that will improve a huge part of your life. It doesn’t of course but just think how energised you would now feel if it did and carry that energy through to the Like button below!



Sorry about the odd posts yesterday- they all fired off before I was ready.

As recompense, here’s an old favourite.
This picture was taken shortly after the delivery of our stock of pirate accessories. Salty took the opportunity to run off with a cannonball to play with while Killkaties broke off from trying on every item we’d received in order to give chase. Order was soon restored and the only item left to try out is a rather worn looking wooden leg

Meanwhile, I am in a quandary- yesterday’s mistaken double-posting means the crew is complete a day early and there’s no one left to post tomorrow. Any requests?


Born into an exceptionally wealthy family, Little Tycho was “misplaced” amongst the constant stream of party guests and revellers.

In point of fact, he had been kidnapped by a drunken uncle who had mistaken him for his own pet monkey. Tycho escaped by disguising himself as a garden gnome and fleeing the country.

He went on to pursue studies in astronomy and mathematics, about which he was passionate. So passionate, in fact that he lost his nose in a duel with a friend who disagreed with his interpretation of the binomial theorem. His prosthetic nose is made of porous rubber which expands and contorts with changing climactic conditions.

His love of astronomy makes him an ideal crew mate and he’s pretty handy with a posidrive screwdriver too.

strange historic parallels exist here

Pirates in Space

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, for your delectation and delight the title page for a new weekday distraction, Pirates in Space…20130707-194723.jpg
Over the coming days I will be providing potted biographies of some of our main protaganists before we join their adventures…

(Please feel free to write your own biographies for some of the potential crew wether old friends or people from your own imagination. Leave them in the comments section for a high-profile credit if I use them and a big thank you for getting involved anyway.)

Quite often, the comments section of this blog is the most entertaining part so dip your toe in and try the water!