Hello… Hello?

Hello! Remember me? I’m still around…
Here’s a quick gag for you…


Meanwhile, in real life, I’m back on display- this time an exhibit featuring artists local to the Staffordshire Moorlands/Peak District. Hopefully something will sell before the pictures have to come down again…. Here’s a page from the gallery brochure for this season…



Run- pirates!

It had to happen! Using the excuse of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, they have set course for mayhem!!! and are back!


Portents of doom

There are times when stars and planets align and people see this as a portent of doom but these are only alignments in three dimensions from a single observation point.

If different streams of of time, different planes of existence, alternate realities were to align in the same physical space… what would happen then?

Please be alert, everyone for tomorrow’s date indicates that just such an event is almost upon us!!!