Things are looking up.

Well, the last re-incarnation was a bit of a flop but I think I’m going to be okay this time.

I’m an Archduke! I’m called Franz Ferdinand (just like the band)!

Best of all I’ve escaped an assassination attempt so surely I’m in the clear!

Earlier this morning I was out with my dear wife in our chaufer-driven limousine, enjoying the sights of Sarajevo when some fool threw a grenade at us. Luckily his aim was not true and he ended up detonating the poor couple in the car behind!

Naturally, we continued on to the soiree at the Governor’s house. Great fun. My wife insists that we should go and visit the survivors of this morning’s attack at the hospital so it’s back to the car we head now…. I suppose we should let the bodyguards know about the changed itinerary but I’m sure everything will be fine without them.

Auf wiedersehen, Freunde!



Case notes, December 2013. 2b

A physical examination of the patient has revealed that what we initially believed to be a turban is in fact a huge swathe of bloodied bandages.

Carefully removing the padding we uncovered a badly stitched wound running the full circumference of the patient’s skull. Beneath this skin flap, the cap of the skull rotated freely.

In order to fuse this man-made skull fracture, the cap was removed. On its underside, we discovered the initials K.K. scratched in impeccable gothic script.

The brain itself is severely damaged. Neural pathways have been crudely severed and cauterised, leaving the patient with little or no long-term or episodic memory. The occasional flash of a synapse firing has been noted to cause a painful-looking twitch in the patient. Cognitive reasoning and short term memory function well.

Until we can find a way of encouraging the formation of new neural pathways, we are unlikely to learn what may have happened to him or, indeed, his true identity.

Psychologically the patient seems happy but looks ‘lost’. He constantly mutters the mantra “Remember to forget” beneath his breath. We will be encouraging this behaviour in the hope that the constant mind numbing repetition may find a way of forming a permanent neural pathway which may, somewhere down the line lead to a sudden flood of trapped memories doing the same.

It is a slim hope but a positive one.


Bleriot Returns

Ah! Bonjour, mes amie! Today I have been asked to return in order that I might track down someone who has been missing from these pages for quite some time. So, salut maintenant! I shall return shortly wiz ze gentleman in question!

For Bleriot’s earlier adventure please read A strange affair…
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Zelda on my mind

Today I took delivery of a special edition WindwakerHD wiiU and have consequently not spent much time preparing for his post.

When I reached the part where I’m aboard Tetra’s ship I was stopped in my tracks.

Why? Here’s why:

Does this look at all familiar to you. It certainly does to me…

It would appear that Nintendo have seen my drawing and then travelled back in time and got their team of character designers to draw him into the game.
Surel that can be the only way it could have happened?..although I do harbour a strong love of that gam

The lure of buried treasure

After yesterday’s post, I shall introduce today’s post by pulling back the curtain and saying “Ta-der”.


killkaties: origins

Of course, some would-be pirates were more resourceful than others when it came to the facial hair requirement…

Armed only with a green felt pen, the young Killkaties passed this requirement with ease. The fancy-dress hook and plastic eye patch were ditched as soon as he signed up.

Being a permanent marker, the green felt pen left its mark for years to come, forcing him to grow a huge moustache to cover the most persistent marks…


You may now enter the world of his childish thoughts over at kidkaties

There’s not a lot there at the moment but I’m fielding contributions if anyone wants to join in…