A Tale of Zoanthropism: the man who believed he was a cuttlefish.

A psychologist friend of mine once related to me the case of one of her patients who believed himself to be a cuttlefish.
He would not listen to reason.
“You don’t live underwater.”
“You don’t have eight arms or two tentacles.”
“You don’t have W shaped eyes, teeth growing out of you arms or a special bone that aids buoyancy. You are NOT a mollusc.”
She had to admit that he did have a habit of emitting a sepia tinged cloud of liquid when startled and she reported that he tasted divine when lightly fried and coated in batter.
I’m not entirely sure how ethical it is to eat your patients but I’ve known her for years and so am prepared to allow her a few idiosyncrasies (and she’s right, he did taste very good).

Below, we see John (we can’t call him Peter Wilson for reasons of patient confidentiality) at home with his parakeet who we’ll call Roberto.

NB yesterday was my 100th post. Hurrah!

Now that I’ve completed my letterlist I have a minor quandary. Should I move on to numbers? Shapes? Any ideas?

I’m off now to look at the statistics and see what everyone’s favourite letter is. Tune in tomorrow for the pre-recorded results show.