Things are looking up.

Well, the last re-incarnation was a bit of a flop but I think I’m going to be okay this time.

I’m an Archduke! I’m called Franz Ferdinand (just like the band)!

Best of all I’ve escaped an assassination attempt so surely I’m in the clear!

Earlier this morning I was out with my dear wife in our chaufer-driven limousine, enjoying the sights of Sarajevo when some fool threw a grenade at us. Luckily his aim was not true and he ended up detonating the poor couple in the car behind!

Naturally, we continued on to the soiree at the Governor’s house. Great fun. My wife insists that we should go and visit the survivors of this morning’s attack at the hospital so it’s back to the car we head now…. I suppose we should let the bodyguards know about the changed itinerary but I’m sure everything will be fine without them.

Auf wiedersehen, Freunde!



Giant OUCH!

Insect bites were a little more serious in dinosaur-times.
This sweet little fellow was almost a metre in length!
Quite were he got the beret is anyone’s guess…maybe he made it himself, which would make him one of these rather than one of these.



Having compltely stuffed up my “schedule” posting over the last couple of days, our crew was ready to set sail a day early. Unfortunately there is currently a dearth of. Solar flares to ride in our current corner of space and so we are all currently twiddling our thumbs in space

Sooooo please visit us next week when you can get to know them all a little better…
More character-based entertainment than you can shake a stick at.*

*NB it’s a very long, havy, metal stick with a huge electrical charge running through it so you probably wouldn’t be able to shake it very much, if at all.