Treasure hunt

Come on, me hearties- take up yer shovels and let’s find that treasure!





In other news, the UK special edition Zelda WindwakerHD themed wiiU with Ganondorf figurine and disc copy of the game is released tomorrow and is due to arrive at my door early in the morning… I feel a dreadful illness of some kind may prevent me from going to work tomorrow,,,


Run- pirates!

It had to happen! Using the excuse of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, they have set course for mayhem!!! and are back!


Gerard takes control!

Imagine, if you will, that this paragraph contains 10 handy tips that will improve a huge part of your life. It doesn’t of course but just think how energised you would now feel if it did and carry that energy through to the Like button below!


Lashings of fizzy pop

After copius amounts of beer and lashings of orangeade (that’s soda to those of you not speaking real English), negotiations seemed to go swmmingly- Uncle Frank got to fly the spaceship and was given the blueprint for the miniaturisation ray.

In return, the alins all got very, very drunk.


Love in salty southern waters

It seems, unfortunately for Frank, that there is only one way to ward off the attack of a female kraken she keeps grabbing his tentacles and is loath to let them go….

Once they’ve been given a few moments alone, we will continue our quest and get ourselves to a nunnry.

Defrocked, defrauded, deflated

Tricked by a shoddily-built scarecrow nun made from broom handles, gloves and a balloon with a mask tied to it. How foolish do we feel?

Needless to say, there’s no treasure to be found and as the Mother Superior’s zeppelin slips out of sight to the south, we are forced to fall back on the tracking device that our crew were able to plant on the nun’s habit as she fled (they also managed to attach a “kick me” sign but that’s probably not going to be quite so helpful…)