The lure of buried treasure

After yesterday’s post, I shall introduce today’s post by pulling back the curtain and saying “Ta-der”.



Out come the freaks

No pretty faces today. Today you get to meet Great Uncle Silas.

Silas was born in 1868 to the Count and Contessa Sile de Berg in Salzburg.

Forced to flee by enraged villagers (vampirism did not have as much support across the popular press in those days), they lived out their days in a vast subterranean palace in the forests of Hungary.

Silas now lives a solitary existence wandering the vast rooms alone.

His natural blood lust is kept in check by a diet of steak tartare and cuts of meat cooked extra rare by the local Meals on Wheels service.

NB meals on wheels is a volunteer social care service that delivers hot meals to the elderly and housebound, providing some form of social contact for otherwise isolated individuals

Silas is very very old.


€375,000,000 (swoon)

Unfortunately, following accusations of forgery, the proceeds of the sale are being held by the Swiss government until Novice Nun comes up with a plausible explanation for the paint stains all over her habit…

Poor love, she’s welling up. We still want an explanation though!