Spatial and temporal anomalies. Adrift on the cosmic seas.

Well, it would appear that I was the ghost all along!

Sucked up and busted by the plasma beam, it would appear that am now free to explore time and space, being reincarnated as I travel on the karmic wheel.

It seems only fair that bad karma comes back to me after my merciless life of brigandry. I have returnd asmyself in the 1970s… Whatever next?




A slight miscalculation there. The spectre-ometer was showing readings of a high level of paranormal activity and so I flipped the switch on the ghost trap.

Unfortunately for me, I’m the one caught by the trap. Also it seems that there is no longer any paranormal,activity being recorded in the area.
I don’t believe it though. Well, whoooOOoo would?

PS if anyone finds a curly moustache, it’s mine. I seem to have lost it at some point in the last couple of days…


A Special Pronouncement from our Town Mayor

Be alert!

At a time when pirates clad only in their underwear are running rampant in our fair city, I urge you all to be ever-vigilant.

All pirate sightings should be reported to the Police Department or in the case of Lady Pirates please just take a photo and call me on my personal number 555-2368. (There is a very cryptic clue here as to what on earth is going on)


Land ho!

…and so we followed Black Bart’s map with the wind as our mistress and wound up on stranger shores than we’d ever seen afore but sure enough, there she was-a treat for our salty eyes.

It was, with no word of a lie, plain for all to see, Treasure Island


Anchors Aweigh! (again)

With normal service (almost) restored I can reveal that we will shortly be setting sail on a most glorious adventure.
Join me as soon as I can think of something to write about in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, ….



Unbelievably, the whole sorry blackmail affair has reached a satisfactory conclusion- we were able to find a new follower to meet the blackmailers’ demands.

My boundless gratitude goes out to Felix whose cartoon blog seems to start HERE!

Please show your thanks by visiting her blog! I’ve tried to draw a couple of her characters below but you should really read at least the post linked above to get a feel for the whole package.

So thank you Felix for saving the day and I hope that the rest of you enjoy visiting Kaydin’s Corner.