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When superheroes turn bad…



Make-up tips for the skeletal would-be model

The oddest thing happened to me in a dream last night. All of the flesh fell away from my skull, leaving me with a flawless white skeletal complexion.

Of course, in contemporay society, your face needs to fit or you will get nowhere. Having flaked awavy my eyebrows, I set to work on my skull with my trusty Sharpie. I now fit in perfectly with all of the vacuous beauty-obsessed freaks that populate my place of work.

What is your daily beauty regime?


Meanwhile, back in reality…

The reason for my recent absence from the blogosphere was that I was visiting my hometown and its surroundings in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Whilst there I had a Grand Reunion with an old schoolfriend (and fine sculptor). I took the opportunity to drop in some canvas prints at his Craft Barn (see below). You should experience no more disruption until my Grand Exposition next easter.

If you’d like a .pdf of anything you’ve seen on these pages, drop me a line ( and, unless the demand is too great, I can let you have them for free.


Zelda on my mind

Today I took delivery of a special edition WindwakerHD wiiU and have consequently not spent much time preparing for his post.

When I reached the part where I’m aboard Tetra’s ship I was stopped in my tracks.

Why? Here’s why:

Does this look at all familiar to you. It certainly does to me…

It would appear that Nintendo have seen my drawing and then travelled back in time and got their team of character designers to draw him into the game.
Surel that can be the only way it could have happened?..although I do harbour a strong love of that gam

The lure of buried treasure

After yesterday’s post, I shall introduce today’s post by pulling back the curtain and saying “Ta-der”.


The hedonistic rush of new technology

Today’s post is completely atypical and is probably a one off. So get yourself ready, make yourself comfortable, take a deep breath and dive in.


This is going to make me sound very very old but…
I remember the days when televisions had a black and white picture and channels were changed by tuning a dial to the correct frequency for each station. I remember the excitement of getting the “television man” ti install a tv which he set up with clunky push buttons on the front which turned the set over to a pre-tuned channel.

The television man seemed to be a regular visitor as transistors and capacitors blew and were replaced by him,, removing the back panel from the tv and revealing the huge tube and electron gun (which sounded like a futuristic comic-book weapon) inside and he would patiently explain what everything inside was for to this 5,6,7 year old.

I loved science and the first remote control was a wonder, as its thick cable stretched across the living room floor. Next up came the amazing “clicker” which emitted a pitch above an adults upper hearing range. It clicked up channel and downchannel. I worked out that these two functions were different frequencies by repeatedly firing the thing in my ear at close range like an insane game of Russian roulette with the long term effects on my hearing (I won).

After that, there was the step into colour television. Colour transmissions reached our part of Britain relatively late- being surrounded by hills tv reception always suffered after the switchover from 405 line VHF transmissions to 625line UHF (the shorter wavelength was blocked by the hills).

TV evolution seemed to slow down, stepping out from wooden cabinets and into plastic casings.
Then introduction of a 4th TV channel, Breakfast Television, daytime television, a 5th channel (which was rolled out very, very slowly).

Fast forward to the here and now- hundreds of channels, live TV and catch-up services available in your pocket, on a phone, recent movies streamed over the internet which has become so pervasive you wouldn’t believe how young it is or how rapidly it’s grown up in the last couple of years.

I’ve always enjoyed the giddy headlong rush of technological advances but I’ve never felt the need to keep up with the Vanguard. The rallying call and clamour for the iPhon5s or 5c leaves me cold.

Technological advances used to seem to take place because it would improve people’s lives (I know, I picked TV as my subject but really that’s the poorest of examples).

Now, advances take place to worsen lives by luring us into spending money on buying a device that does amazing things (now with the stunning new feature of fingerprint recognition which is, I’m something we all need in what is basically just a phone.

I’m only picking on Apple because they’re in the news today. Everyone is doing this to us. We are the targets of corporate greed.

Just think what your money could be doing instead of filling the coffers of the richest companies of the world. If redistributed, it could be providing free healthcare for all, food for the hungry, housing for those without homes. Our world could be a much better place if only our vision wasn’t skewed by rampant consumerism….

don’t worry, it’s all over- you can relax again now

Limited time offer

I’ve set up my Peanuts style stand and am going to offer you the opportunity to choose what you’d like to see an illustration of/about. Once it’s posted here (or possibly before) I’ll e-mail you a .pdf of the drawing that you can print off at a huge size (the biggest I’ve had one scaled to is a 40X40 canvass with no pixellation or loss of quality.

So… Make your suggestion either below or by e-mailing and I’ll set to work on your idea. Alternatively, I’ll just sit here in silence, knowing that no one is really that interested…


The all-seeing eye

20130803-225358.jpgI may not have been posting but I have been watching, if a little sporadically.
Over in my reality, I paid a visit to an old school friend’s craft barn which entertained both me and my offspring and gained me some gallery space to show my artwork off in super-large sizes… So I’ve got a little bit of work to do now…

I haven’t forgotten those poor old pirates though- we will return to them tomorrow as they wrestle with reality and attempt to repair the rift in space/time!

News headlines


Another victim has fallen prey to the wild tiger that has a free run at the local manor house.

Goat butler, Piotr Wenkmein was able to confirm that the victim was a family member. Police have been unable to confirm his identity as yet.

Investigations continue.