Hello… Hello?

Hello! Remember me? I’m still around…
Here’s a quick gag for you…


Meanwhile, in real life, I’m back on display- this time an exhibit featuring artists local to the Staffordshire Moorlands/Peak District. Hopefully something will sell before the pictures have to come down again…. Here’s a page from the gallery brochure for this season…



The lure of buried treasure

After yesterday’s post, I shall introduce today’s post by pulling back the curtain and saying “Ta-der”.


Weekend breakout 6

FACT:Everyone who’s owned a cat has had at least one called Chairman Miaow.


Apologies in advance: I will be in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands and the Peak District for the next several days and my internet access will be severely limited… I will wreak my revenge by dropping a Bumper Pirate Post when normal service is resumed.


Having compltely stuffed up my “schedule” posting over the last couple of days, our crew was ready to set sail a day early. Unfortunately there is currently a dearth of. Solar flares to ride in our current corner of space and so we are all currently twiddling our thumbs in space

Sooooo please visit us next week when you can get to know them all a little better…
More character-based entertainment than you can shake a stick at.*

*NB it’s a very long, havy, metal stick with a huge electrical charge running through it so you probably wouldn’t be able to shake it very much, if at all.


Sorry about the odd posts yesterday- they all fired off before I was ready.

As recompense, here’s an old favourite.
This picture was taken shortly after the delivery of our stock of pirate accessories. Salty took the opportunity to run off with a cannonball to play with while Killkaties broke off from trying on every item we’d received in order to give chase. Order was soon restored and the only item left to try out is a rather worn looking wooden leg

Meanwhile, I am in a quandary- yesterday’s mistaken double-posting means the crew is complete a day early and there’s no one left to post tomorrow. Any requests?

“Child” and Charlie

sorry about earlier… it was an accidental posting!

Here’s Charlie with his pet, “Child”

“Cild”was found floating down the Yangtse river and was named by Charlie who adopted her.

Well-versed in the art of piracy, she is a wily young seadog. Charlie, meanwhile is a lunatic berzerker. Don,t get on his bad side.


Gerard, the goat butler, joined our band following a clerical error when we were having a spot of trouble with some bothersome spectres.

Indomitable, unflappable and a master of the perfect Margherita, Gerard’s intelligence was formed in a blender from a subtle mixture of brains culled from the craniums of Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Chien-Shiung Wu and Angelina Jolie.

20130708-231241.jpg20130715-214145.jpgGerard riding the Planetary Exploration Vehicle (PEV)