Hello… Hello?

Hello! Remember me? I’m still around…
Here’s a quick gag for you…


Meanwhile, in real life, I’m back on display- this time an exhibit featuring artists local to the Staffordshire Moorlands/Peak District. Hopefully something will sell before the pictures have to come down again…. Here’s a page from the gallery brochure for this season…



Things are looking up.

Well, the last re-incarnation was a bit of a flop but I think I’m going to be okay this time.

I’m an Archduke! I’m called Franz Ferdinand (just like the band)!

Best of all I’ve escaped an assassination attempt so surely I’m in the clear!

Earlier this morning I was out with my dear wife in our chaufer-driven limousine, enjoying the sights of Sarajevo when some fool threw a grenade at us. Luckily his aim was not true and he ended up detonating the poor couple in the car behind!

Naturally, we continued on to the soiree at the Governor’s house. Great fun. My wife insists that we should go and visit the survivors of this morning’s attack at the hospital so it’s back to the car we head now…. I suppose we should let the bodyguards know about the changed itinerary but I’m sure everything will be fine without them.

Auf wiedersehen, Freunde!


A Special Pronouncement from our Town Mayor

Be alert!

At a time when pirates clad only in their underwear are running rampant in our fair city, I urge you all to be ever-vigilant.

All pirate sightings should be reported to the Police Department or in the case of Lady Pirates please just take a photo and call me on my personal number 555-2368. (There is a very cryptic clue here as to what on earth is going on)


Land ho!

…and so we followed Black Bart’s map with the wind as our mistress and wound up on stranger shores than we’d ever seen afore but sure enough, there she was-a treat for our salty eyes.

It was, with no word of a lie, plain for all to see, Treasure Island


Anchors Aweigh! (again)

With normal service (almost) restored I can reveal that we will shortly be setting sail on a most glorious adventure.
Join me as soon as I can think of something to write about in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, ….


Hercules Bleriot always gets his man.

Having spent upwards of 20 minutes in his search, Bleriot has returned with a familiar, if half-crazed, face tucked under his arm.

Does this mean we are returning to day after day of spontaneously conceived adventures? Only time will tell…