Hello… Hello?

Hello! Remember me? I’m still around…
Here’s a quick gag for you…


Meanwhile, in real life, I’m back on display- this time an exhibit featuring artists local to the Staffordshire Moorlands/Peak District. Hopefully something will sell before the pictures have to come down again…. Here’s a page from the gallery brochure for this season…



From here, the truth!

The Rhino has its origins in the Rhineland (Germany) in the late 18th century where horns were needed for the newly invented Automobile.

Other countries tried to emulate its success (the Tasmanian Devil, the Kiwi from the Kiwi Islands and the Lesser Spotted Grebe from Greenland) but met with little success. The only success was the Hippopotamus which so overshadowed its nation’s success that its name was changed to Madagascar (which has a literal translation of Mad-at-Our-Animal).


The end of time

…but don’t worry as time is a purely artificial construct by which we measure our travels through the dimensions.

One thing that you should worry about though is that humanity is about to fall prey to a horde of giant flesh-eating creatures from space.

None have yet been caught or detected by scientists which leads me to believe that they probably have some kind of mystical shielding device.

They may (or may not) look something like this:


A is for animals

B is for bear.

This particular bear’s head hangs proudly in the home of Charles Fortesque-Hemworth, 6th Earl of Bramily and founder of the Humane Animal Hunting Association(H.A.H.A.).

I can assure you that no animals were hurt during the hunt or capture of this bear although one little girl now sobs herself to sleep every night, hugging a tattered old piece of blue fur.


The lure of buried treasure

After yesterday’s post, I shall introduce today’s post by pulling back the curtain and saying “Ta-der”.


Notes from the atist

Whilst I have enjoyed their reverie and their rum, time spent making observational drawings of pirates is proving decidedly perilous… The kraken awakes!

(Nb this post is not anything to do with the John Wyndham novel The Kraken Wakes which doesn’t feature any face to face(?) confrontations with actual krakens. Wyndham also wrote Day of the Triffids and the Midwich Cuckoos (filmed as the Village of the Damned).