At last, a post


So much time has passed since I was last here.

Perhaps you require or expect an explanation.

The month of March is renowned as a Slack Blogging month and I have been talking to people in attempt to find the reason.

Chatting with writers, sculptors, artists and songwriters I discovered that their creativity also dried up at this time of year. Their solutions to this problem have been inspired and inspirational.

Some have taken breaks to ‘recharge’, others to pursue things that the y are unable to do when work gets in the way. The most succesful, most driven individuals have taken the time to sell themselves and wipe the slate clean for the next year’s worth of creativity.

My artist friends use this time of year to display and sell their work, organising exhibitions and gallery residencies

My songwriting friends (names witheld) either organise live performances or promote their latest release…anything that gives them a break from the daily drudge of creativity. Sometimes I wonder if they’d rather be working 9-5 in an office.

So many people I meet seem to be malcontent. Is it a product of modern living? If so then Modern Life Is Rubbish. Is it just the natural state of the human condition? I think we can rise above it, can’t we?

NB this may seem to be a very untypical post for me but how many album titles can you spot in the above post?



  1. Rise Above; 9 to 5; Modern Living; Modern Life is Rubbish; Recharge; Wipe the Slate Clean; Dried Up; Inspirational; Human Condition; The Reason; The Daily Drudge.

    I know two or three of these. Half of them just sound like good album titles, and half of them are real. Probably one third is intentional.


    1. If I’m completely honest, I only put one in there and then reading it back, noticed how much of it sounded like it should be an album title. From there I thought it might be fun to give everyone something to pass the time and… well, here we are.

      1. Yeah, and you put that one album title in capitals πŸ˜€

        Seriously, now I’m thinking more than half of these titles are fake. I mean there is Rise Above by Rise Above, and a musical called 9 to 5. I’m pretty sure there’s also a pop album called Inspirational. A couple of others are probably indie music.
        LOL, there is an actual synthpop album called Wipe the Slate Clean.

      2. Aah, you’ve missed a few classics:
        Dried Up – The Electric Prunes
        Most Successful, Most Driven – Fred Housego & The Mastermind Cabbies
        The Daily Drudge of Creativity – Mrs Mopp’s Clockwork Kaleidoscope

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