Alas, in Underland

Things here are getting curiouser and curiouser.
I’m being chased around my a girl called Alison.
I’m late but I don’t quite recall what it was that made me so late. I’m thinking a bullet but I could be wrong.

As for this guy, he seems to be completely loopy. His tea party is mayhem. He insists that he is Killkaties when we all know that I am Killkaties reincarnated as a white rabbit.

Would the real Killkaties please stand up?


Incidentally, Killkaties plays havoc with my spellchecker.

I must apologise for not responding to your comments- my notifications stopped working. Test me now by using the comments button, would you? yes,you.



  1. I don’t know who you’re talking to. One of your invisible fellows, I presume.

    You know, I’m quite curious – have we ever discussed where did the name killkaties come from? It’s not like you’re from Timbuktu. For an English ear, killkaties is just KILL KATIES which is slightly unfriendly towards all Katies of the world.

    1. Ah yes. Killkaties is the collective name for residents of ‘Kilkaty’, a town in Ireland in the County Kildaire. It’s nearest neighbour is, of course, Kilkenny.

      While the rogues from the latter became famed as ‘The Wildcats of Kilkenny’, the more refined denizens living up the lane became known as as ‘The Cuddly Fluffballs of Kilkaty’.

      I thought no one would ever ask…

  2. Some of those hats looks like they were stolen from Hunter S. Thompson.

    Also, we’re overdue an origin story in pictures. The Cuddly Fluffballs of Kilkaty sound like dangerous fellows, as do the Wildcats of Kilkenny. Bastards. Potentially.


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