The late Killkaties

While floating around as a disembodied head, I stumbled across a copy of my own autobiography and settled down to read.

To me, it sounds like a preposterous load of claptrap.

Villainous nuns bent on ruling the world? Trips to the central circle of Hades? Piratical pursuits for treasure navigated by a schoolgirl buccaneer? (for all of these, see previous posts) Absolute nonsense! In despair, I died at my own hand.. Or rather my own head, rolling myself off the edge of huge mountainous cliff to my death.

Next I found myself re-incarnated as the first Swiss mountain rescue dog, Barry. Raised and trained to assist mountaineers in the Swiss alps, I managed to rescue 40 mountaineers before the 41st shot me as a wolf, which may seem unlikely but is entirely true. Just ask Google if you don’t believe me.

My latest incarnation is as a rabbit: white, fully clothed and carrying an outsize pocket watch. Sorry that I can’t stay longer but I’m already terribly late…



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