Hang on! I only come here for the pictures!

A few words on the last post here…

Thank you for kind comments about the rich red background colour. What I didn’t mention at the time was that this was a massive pool of my blood following a samurai attack. I’m really not enjoying the way this reincarnation thing is going.

It would seem also that I was tossed into a different timeline where I didn’t live long enough to become the fine handsome gentleman that I once was.

Next time I hope to come back as someone who will come to be famed for their longevity.

Why no picture today?
Well through ectoplasmic concentration and beyond-the-grave powers of telekinesis, I had produced a splendid artwork made from boxes and featuring elephants made of jelly.
Sadly word of this work reached the ears of a gang of international art thieves and it was gone within minutes.



  1. I am happy with the little picture we got this time.

    However, I would like you to know that getting stuck between reality dimensions and time is no justification for anything. Batman had that happen to him and yet he managed to save the world in the end. If Batman can do that, I think everyone can.

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