What is a man to do?

About to be run through with a cutlass. Does anyone have any handy tips for Sabre Avoidance?

help me!


Their does seem to be something not quite right with each of the pirates…



  1. What is going on? 🙂 I was visiting daily the past week or two, and barely a post! Now, I have a hectic end of the week, and them posts keep coming strong like a snowman falling down Mount Everest.

    I’ll sit down on Saturday, and read into your tightly knitted story. And comment, like, and comment like.

    Also, I quite like your Jack the Ripper-esque new style. You’re as handsome a British psychotic gentleman as you were a slightly deranged pirate, good sir! (Make no mistake, this is a compliment, and a big one!)

    1. …I know, I know. Real life is interfering with my drawing and my blogging so you’ll be getting hastily scribbled sketches at random intervals for a little while now… sorry.

  2. Advice:
    – Pretend you’re dead, maybe he’ll just poke and not stab.
    – Dance.
    – Throw sand at him.
    – Have a saber of your own.
    – Laugh at his small cutlass.
    – Scare him with a scary face.

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