We have ze pictures. You’re not getting them back until you pay the ransom- 1000 new followers by noon tomorrow.




  1. You’re the type of kidnapper that isn’t afraid to dream, but then gets caught by a random policeman that was there by a mistake.

    And then you go to jail for a long time. With other dreamy cartoonists.
    And you all start a band of artists. Each day one of you digs a part of the tunnel to freedom with a spoon. Then they all run away, without telling you.

    And it’s too late.

    (Also, LIKE the pictures. Know them. But LIKE’em all the same!)

  2. So the police and all the people who care about ze pictures failed.

    But what are we going to do now? We can’t let ze pictures just lie there somewhere on some sofa. Completely alone and threatened by a turban-wearing moustached villain!

    We’ve got to do something! Don’t you have like 100 subscribes or something? At least a hundred! And maybe half of them are robots or aliens, but the other quarter is superb people.

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