Indulge me…. just testing




    1. Thanks for that. I’m now using an XLR instead of a 3.5mm jack and it seems to be much better….
      Also you may be the first non-spambot to “Like” this post. I know they’re out there and am doing my utmost to unveil them slowly…

      1. Bots are people too! Or not, they may not be people, but they give you free likes and free views! That’s something! I guess. Maybe.

        I didn’t ‘like’ this post because I thought you’d delete it anyway. Turns out you have no shame! No shame. Your shame went out the door, and bots took it. To the botland, where the darkness binds them.

      2. …whenever someone says “spambot” I can’t help thinking I might be getting more than I was hoping for in my next can of over heavily-over-processed meat….

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