Further facts for fans of fun facts.

The traditional Japanese Ozu(see illustration below) is a garment woven from the finest Shochiku silk.

The silk is coloured not with traditional dyes but by force feeding Ghibli moths a variety of coloured spices which is then secreted as the silk is produced.

A single Ghibli moth is secured by means of the same tiny harnesses used in commercial bee farming.




      1. You may find it more lucrative to simply slice open the abdomens to remove the silk bobbin that can then be sold on at a high profit margin…or simply threaten the moths with this if they don’t produce silk quickly enough for your needs.

  1. Oh, yes. I will tell them tales of cement boots and fishes at their doors, too. They’ll give me all the bobbin I need!

    Adding a little extortion to a business idea never hurt anyone.

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