From here, the truth!

The Rhino has its origins in the Rhineland (Germany) in the late 18th century where horns were needed for the newly invented Automobile.

Other countries tried to emulate its success (the Tasmanian Devil, the Kiwi from the Kiwi Islands and the Lesser Spotted Grebe from Greenland) but met with little success. The only success was the Hippopotamus which so overshadowed its nation’s success that its name was changed to Madagascar (which has a literal translation of Mad-at-Our-Animal).



  1. He’s like the mother teacher of all teachers. So much knowledge, and he’s so willing to share it!

    Maybe there are nefarious reasons for that, though. Maybe the nasal dimensional monsters really conquered his mind and writing fingers, and are now whispering words straight into his cartilage.

    Anyway, I thought Madagascar was all about funky Magda’s car.

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