Hercules Bleriot always gets his man.

Having spent upwards of 20 minutes in his search, Bleriot has returned with a familiar, if half-crazed, face tucked under his arm.

Does this mean we are returning to day after day of spontaneously conceived adventures? Only time will tell…




    1. You don’t happen to have any spare stories lying around your vast mansion do you, Jack? I have this dreadful tendency to make things up as I go along…
      Do you have any storytelling tips for would-be storytellers?

      1. Hey, nothing wrong with making things up as you go along. That’s how I get my ideas as well.

        I guess the only storytelling tip I can pass along is when an idea comes, write it down. Seriously, write it down. I’ve forgotten so many good ideas because I didn’t write them down immediately. You know that old saying where you should keep a pen and paper next to your bedside? It’s true! Write it down. You’ll find when you run out of ideas, you’ll have a nice stash of notes to fall back on to carry you through the empty periods. That’s as good as I get with writing advice! 🙂

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