Chapter four: a chance to shine

start reading from the beginningThe Strange Affair at Bolt Hall.

Inspector Raystings, who seems to be undergoing a mild name change, stepped forward with a wry smile.

“Well, Bleriot my old friend,” he declaimed, “it seems that there is finally a case you cannot solve. All that remains is for me to find a solution…”. With that, he ordered Edams the butler to gather everyone in the library where he would announce the identity of The Big Cheese, the killer of Hercules Bleriot.

Raystings entered the library to find everyone already present.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced, “throughout my career I have come across many villains but not one crime has defeated Hercules Bleriot. Time after time he has stepped where all others have been found wanting. Bleriot has met his match, though, in The Big Cheese. Now, with Bleriot unable to reveal the killer’s identity I, Inspector Raystings of Scotland Yard is able to say that he and he alone has solved the case for I am arresting myself in the name of the law! I didi it! Me!. I defeated Bleriot! And all it took was a vial of poison… and a huge knife … oh! and lots and lots of bullets!… and a noose!… and a golf club! Simple really!’

So saying, Raystings led himself away to the cells.

“Poor Raystings,” said Edams, removing his disguise, “quite, quite mad of course, for the body he killed was no more than a moustachioed mannequin. Meanwhile I, Hercules Bleriot pronounce that no crime has been committed and we can all go home for a nice cup of tea.”

And with that, he slyly pocketed Lady Albertine’s jewels and made his way back to London.



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