Chapter 3

Rememember- If you missed the opening chapters, start by readingThe Strange Affair at Bolt Hall.

The Grand Oak in the grounds of Bolt Hall has a very eventful history.

Grown from an acorn planted by King Charles I, it came into the possession of the Albertines when it was gifted to them when William of Orange lost the whole lot in a card game.

Later used as a hiding place by Queen Victoria during the Empire Games of 1882 (she finished 2nd and had the winner summarily executed), the tree now has an additional place in history- as the site of the murder of Hercules Bleriot.

Bleriot was found hanged by the neck, his body riddled with bullet holes and a huge knife wound. He was later found to have ingested a huge amount of aresenic.

A number questions arise:
Will this story please reach a swift conclusion?



One comment

  1. That is an old tree! I am surprised (and wrong). Well, he is triple dead – this isn’t one of those stories where everyone takes a shot at killing the person because they all hate him is it? Where is that side kick Captain Hasty? I wish he had gotten whacked – he is annoying.

    Who did it? I’m going with Miss Lemon (I forgot her correct name), because she is sick of her job.

    Bleriot looks very cute dead.


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