Chapter 2

If you missed the opening chapter, start by readingThe Strange Affair at Bolt Hall.

Well, the Grand Ball passed by without a hitch and Lady Evelyn’s jewels remained safely around her neck.

The evening’s guests dispersed in a fairly ordinary manner, leaving just six people in the house overnight-
Hercule Bleriot himself,
Lady Eveline,
Bleriot’s faithful assistant, Miss Le Mans (a plain looking woman with no backstory whatsoever),
Catastra Albertine, Lady Evelyn’s daughter,
Inspector Ray Stings of Scotland Yard
and the family’s faithful retainer, Charlie Edams.

‘I rather fear,’ said Bleriot in a thick cod-French accent, ‘zat zis is not the last we shall hear of the fiend who goes by the name of The Big Cheese, mes amis!’

Everyone made their way to their respective bed chambers, none suspecting that only five of them would remain come the morning.



  1. Is someone going home? Are they going home or Home? It is not going to be one of the men. The detective getting killed, well that sort of ends the detective story, the guy from Scotland Yard never gets it, and they need the servant to round people up for group meetings. Miss Le Mons is not going to be knocked off; she has to run errands and make a tisane. So mon ami that leaves us with only Catastra. She is going Home.


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