Another departure

Not a physical one this time- just a departure in style. This caused me no end of difficulty and resulted in a huge delay to this post, so I offer you my sincere apologies.,,

Today we return to Netherford, home of yesterday’s disastrous performance from The Owl Leapers.

Just outside the village of Netherford lies Bolt Hall, the ancestral home of the late Lord Albertine and now the domicile of his widow, Lady Evelyn.

We see her here engaged in conversation following an afternoon tea with Father McVickers, the parish priest. Little do they know that they are about to become embroiled in the murderous events surrounding The Strange Affair of Bolt Hall.

Heading this post, you’ll see the original illustration which may give you a slight indication of the length of the arduous journey to reach this point.


One comment

  1. 3 D !!!! How did I miss this – I swear your posts hide from me. Maybe there is a reason for that. I like this illustration very much. Their little shadows are adorable. His mouth is a long way out of plumb, but I love his name, Father McVickers.

    I see fun ahead!

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