…the stage is set so on come the band!

Leading the way is frontman, and lead otholophonist, Piotr Zwierski.

Raised by wolves in Poland, Piotr constantly whistles quietly to himself as if rounding up his pack.
Although predominantly right handed, he plays the otholophone with his left hand, enabling him to update his Twittr (the Polish version of a very famous company) during performances.

After an early career in the nascent nu-folk-metal movement of the 1990s, Piotr became disenchanted with the whole scene and fell back upon the native instruments of his home nation.

His current band, The Owl Leapers, have ploughed a lonely furrow through the muddied field of popular music and tonight’s performance at the Netherford Assembly Rooms may prove to be the pinnacle of their career as arguments over just who is the lead singer are about to reach boiling point…



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