Still (almost) cut off from the modern world

Occassionally, my phone will beep at me and I’ll get internet connectivity.. For a real post, visit kidkaties…Don’t forget your pens and paper though!

Here’s a mummy to get you in the mood for halloween.




    1. That’s very kind of you…but I don’t do Pyramid Awards.

      Looking at it mathematically, by following the ‘requirements’ of the award, there will be 10 recipients, then another 100, then a further 10000. After that there will be 100000000 or 100 million recipients which makes them ever so slightly worthless.

      On the other hand, I do enjoy your blog and hope that you and your Liebster are very happy together!

      1. Oh I totally understand and I don’t mind at all. 🙂

        The award is quite pointless,yes.But it gave me the opportunity to let people know more about who I am.And I had to nominate my favourite bloggers,so of course I nominated you.But it was up to you to decide whether you’ll take it or not.I just hope I’ve been able to get you more views.(although I don’t have too many followers myself)

        Hmm,as for the mathematics,I think there’s something wrong.People have to choose 10 favourite bloggers with less than 200 followers,and excluding the one who nominated them.
        So as you may see there are many restrictions,and consequently,people find it hard to choose 10 bloggers who fall in all 3 categories.
        As the blogger can’t choose his nominator,his already-limited choices is further reduced by 1!
        So I doubt 10000 people have taken part in this award,especially because most of the few nominated ones didn’t participate.
        So imo it will go like this:
        50(5->3,2,1,2,0->5->3,2,1,0….until the award dies by itself)
        Yep.I’m fond of stats and love considering every factor before making assumptions! 😀

    2. The first award I got was the Liebster Award and I too nominated killkaties – I didn’t know anything about awards or why people would not be happy to get one. He didn’t do any math or anything – he just sort of said “no thanks, I don’t do awards.” I think he is a big fan of yours as he thanked you and wrote a long and mathematically humorous answer.

      Hi Ho,

      1. Lol I know! That’s why I said I don’t mind at all!
        As for the maths,well I’m really like that!
        I use my knowledge of stats to try to calculate some ‘impossible things’,like the real probability of winning the Euro Million,of winning at races,or having your number picked at the Euro Million(statistically speaking there’s a difference between your number being picked and you winning.) Yep I know I’m weird!
        I knew his reference to maths was humorous,but I couldn’t resist from trying to calculate the real thing!
        Tone is sometimes difficult to decipher on the net,so I hope Killkaties doesn’t think I’m blaming him.My post was supposed to be just as humorous as his! 😮

      2. At this juncture, I feel I should thank you in retrospect, Elephant. You know how much I enjoy your blog. Just think of me as a curmugeonly, contrary member of your troop.
        More interesting (schoolboy) maths- type the number 5318008 into a calculator. It is a very special number and caused an endless amount of mirth in my maths class all those years ago…

      3. Thank you right back! I do recall this magic number spells a word only school boys during a dull education could find entertaining! Now I am wondering what other words the calculator can spell?


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