Why you should read Animal Farm

A fantastic, insightful post about my favourite book. Read on, comrades…

Eye of Lynx


Synopsis: The animals on Manor Farm decide to rebel against their cruel owner Mr Jones.After the latter is ousted,the pigs,being the most intelligent animals,are elected as the leaders of the farm now called ‘Animal Farm’.If the farm is initially governed under a fruitful democratic system,it nonetheless slowly degrades into a ruthless dictatorship.

What you will like in ‘Animal Farm’ :

1.The simplicity
This book is among the simplest you will ever find.The little sentences and the short chapters render it accessible to even a 9-year-old kid.Also,such simplicity ensures that readers grasp the message of the book without any difficulty.

2.The size.
The size is another factor that distinguishes Orwell’s novel from other classics.The book is very straightforward and economical.Moreover,every single thing in ‘Animal Farm’ is relevant to its main theme,hence constantly reminding us of the moral underlying the story.

3.The allegories
‘Animal Farm’
is a masterpiece simply because of…

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