Do it yourself

For a change, today, I’d like you to do all the work so grab a pencil and a piece of paper and follow these easy steps to draw your own pirate!

1. Draw yourself a nice big circle and then put two semi-circles on either side of the head.
2. Draw a line across the head just above the ears.
3. More semi-circles with an oblong in between them
4. Add big fat dots for eyes then, putting your pen between the oblong and the eye.
The next step might take a little practice- bring your pencil around the eye, following the line but moving further away from it as you go..

So you’re pretty much there- you can add various shaped mouths for different emotions (try an O for surprise).
Next, get your eraser and rub out the bit where the ear joins the head.

20131007-215042.jpg20131007-215052.jpg20131007-215112.jpg20131007-215132.jpgFinally, grab your crayons or felt tips and have fun.




  1. …goddamitt….I’ve been trying to get this right for at least an hour now and they all come out looking like Jesus, a corpulent 2 headed politician, an ol’ lady, a small dog….in fact every time I try to draw a pirate the results look surprisingly like my characters….there is obviously something amiss with your instructions….


  2. I’m going to do this. I’ll have a bit more time on the day after tomorrow and I’ll get to drawing. I’m pretty sure I’ve also seen some crayons around the house.

    You will rue this day (after tomorrow)!

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