Pen and ink beats high-spec hardware

Paper never freezes when you’re drawing and then takes your drawing back to the state it was in three hours earlier.

Today, instead of a three panel narrative, we have a solitary introductory panel.

Tomorrow we may end up with a doodle scribbled on a napkin. Who knows?




  1. You post wonderful drawings – I get the feeling you think you should be doing more – why? You are super creative and you have lots of posts – In my humble opinion you should relax a bit – you are doing a great job! Many posts! Lots of creativity! A new blog! OH MY!
    Hi Ho,

      1. I have posted something everyday since the first of the year. It can be difficult. Some of your posts have several drawings so that counts as a cushion (just so you don’t go crazy). I will be so pleased to see 365 posts from you! Something to look forward to!

        FYI, I am leaving again so I won’t be looking and liking for a little while, but I will return (well I hope so anyway). I will enjoy reading all your comments and observations when I return. I hope my faithful followers will reply to each other while I am gone. I don’t want anyone to get lonely!

        Hi Ho tomorrow away I go!

  2. You haven’t saved your progress even once in three hours?

    There are moments when I strongly believe your background in IT was all fake, and you are really a top secret spy working to infiltrate the wordpress blogging community. One day, around two years ago, the other agents saw you scribbling something on a piece of napkin, and they said, ‘Oooh, you’re good, we have a fantastic super mission here waiting for a man with a very particular set of skills. Skills that make you a nightmare for people like them. A joyous nightmare!’ Then, everyone laughed an evil laugh, and you were laughing too.

    1. I’m not laughing now, though. No autosave? Really?
      This Saturday,I will be paraded through the streets followed by the thousands of people that I’ve pressed on the need for regular saves down the last 14 years or so….

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