Zelda on my mind

Today I took delivery of a special edition WindwakerHD wiiU and have consequently not spent much time preparing for his post.

When I reached the part where I’m aboard Tetra’s ship I was stopped in my tracks.

Why? Here’s why:

Does this look at all familiar to you. It certainly does to me…

It would appear that Nintendo have seen my drawing and then travelled back in time and got their team of character designers to draw him into the game.
Surel that can be the only way it could have happened?..although I do harbour a strong love of that gam



  1. Your pirate has eyes in his ears! But the nose exactly the same. They definitely time traveled and ripped you off! I hate it when people do that to me.
    Yo Ho Ho,

  2. Time travel is always problematic.

    Here’s how it most probably went on:

    The graphic designers in Nintendo HQ needed some cool ideas for pirates. So they prepared their 4thDimensionBusters Team, and send them into the future. That’s how it’s done! They saw your pics, saved it from the internetz onto their secure NintendoUSBs. With the treasure, they returned to the past did the redraw and BAM. You played the game, witnessed the character, had him register into your creative desk in the brain, and without realizing it, you draw him again, for the first time.

    Science, man, science.

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