Back on board

A pirate’s life is full of hardship… (or at the very least is full of ship).




  1. I don’t think u are going to succeed with kidkaties if you think girls are usually armless, with tiny bodies and big heads.Then again, maybe that IS the road to kid glory.

    It most probably is.

      1. Well, that is a possibility, but I am not a believer in that school of thought. Everything has a place, everything has a purpose. If the artist was rushing to draw the thing, he could forget about many elements: the ears, the clothes, etc. And yet, he forgot about the arms.

        I think that tells us a lot about the artist, the girls, the rum and the universe.

      1. Naaah 🙂 I sit here all the time giggling myself silly. I’m an easy audience, I like when killkaties doesn’t draw some stuff, I like when he does draw stuff, and I like when he writes letters of alphabet arranged into words with too much ‘ou’.

        Or was that a sarcastic remark? That would be quite funny and true too, but you come off as a very honest and down-to-earth person so probably my first response was the right one 😀

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