They’re a cruel bunch of reprobates.

It’s not easy becoming a pirate… there’s a whole host of entry requirements.
Requirement #1: loss of hand to crocodile…

(yes, I did cheat my just fiddling with yesterday’s image!)



  1. Honestly, I saw a book recently called something like “How To Be A Pirate” – do you think pirates are a thing just now? Very timely! Hooks are much a part of the pirate lifestyle (and/or peg legs)!

    Hi Ho,

    1. I think pirates became a “big thing” on the back of the HUGE success of the 3 (4?) Pirates of the Caribbean films.

      They’ve always been a “thing” with me… And pirate toys have been around forever. I also remember dressing up as a pirate when I was a child. Oh, happy days!

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