All change

You may have noticed a new layout to the blog and more words finding their way onto my posts.
As well as the new layout of the blog, I’m now working completely digitally to create my drawings.

Today’s rushed sketch took 7 minutes from start to finish which explains how shoddy it is.

This is the view from my desk at work during my day job (or it would be if I didn’t have three 21inch monitors surrounding my workspace. It’s a picture of Reenaa who sits in the next veal-fattening pen along. I spend 37 and a half hours a week there- just over a day and a half. So why does it suck the life out of me?

It’s geeky, its technical, it’s specialist and it’s tedious. It pays my way but it corrodes my soul.

(“I didn’t realise that you wrote poetry… I didn’t realise you wrote such bloody awful poetry…”)


When Reenaa travels to her home in India, she has two pet elephants, her house has been attacked by troupes of baboons and she is something of a dignitary. When she returns to London she teaches classical Indian dance on top of her day job and yet I am the one who is more likely to nod off at my desk… maybe it’s just that I’ve been in my job for so long that I can deal with any problem that comes my way without having to think about it. It’s time for new challenges.

Oh! I designed myself a little logo too. My wife said it will make people think I’m in the Ku Klux Klan (who seem to have a faulty letter C on their typewriter). I disagree.what are your thoughts?




  1. Change is difficult for me! I am still happy the girl eating the hamburger is gone and that was weeks ago! I will see how the new look looks to me after a few visits – that’s a better way for me to know.

    Sorry about your soul!

    1. You should be safe now from further changes!

      You have me puzzled(again) over hamburger girl. I can’t find her anywhere and wasn’t sure who you meant the first time she vanished. Maybe it was all a bad dream…or maybe my subconscious mind is saving me from the horror that was “Hamburger Girl”

      1. First, I fear this is one change too many! I loved your old gravatar! I will miss the bright colors – the strange fellow hail and hearty! This is tasteful and subdued, but does not reflect the pirate in you!

        Hamburger Girl was there! She was at the bottom of your “blogs I follow” list. She was seated and was shoving a big huge hamburger into her mouth. I don’t remember the name of her blog. I’m sure her blog was wonderful but her gravatar was not.


        PS Please change back to your old gravatar this one is too dull for a colorful artist like you!

      2. All is now well with the world. Who would have thought that updating my email address would have had such devastating consequences?

        …and Hamburger girl… It’s all coming back to me! She got the chop when I discovered she wasn’t from Hamburg at all!

  2. That was my first thought too. I agree w/ tootonesbored about the VW logo. If it continues to bother any half of you (better, of course! :D), some humble, non-artist chavanni:
    – Rotate it a bit.
    – Add 2 dots outside the circle at the feet of the “K”
    – Or give the “K” some feet? (this one just feels lame!)

    1. The wife-person is completely right and you are too. The advice is awesome, and I see ‘katies already applied it to the upper logo.

      You saved him from being lynched by an angry mob. Good job, soul!

      1. ‘kay, ‘kay, good result. Kill cat ees saved und weel not be RIP (ripped into pieces). Zut, alors, zees soul can RIP!

      2. I agree w/ Elephant and am glad you restored the Pirate Gravatar. I thought it was MIA for DC Gia’s mystery plot!

        [The email on your Gravatar page…..isn’t it @gmail now?]

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