Sergei Eisenstein

Sergei Eisenstein was a freaky haired wierdo who roamed the earth in the times of hand-cranked movie cameras.

He worked as an engineer architect soldier film theorist film maker, knocking off a couple of classics (the kind of film that movie critics love but which no one has ever seen… except that bit in Battleship,Potemkin with the pram bouncing down the stairs while gunshots fill the air- see also The Untouchables) before he sipped from the poison chalice and submitted to the Hollywood dollar.

Things didn’t work out for him in the US though, what with him being a communist and all that (albeit one that had a huge amount of wealth and servants).

Next up he headed for Mexico, met Frida Kahlo, copied her hairdo, got his picture taken (see below), wore her dresses and lived out the rest of his days as the Tsarina of Guadalajara. Viva La Revolutione, comrades!


You see, folks- this is what happens when no one requests a drawing…



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