Elephant’s giant

Those of you who bother to read the comments will have a heads-up on today’s post.

Good friend to this blog, Elephant is making a collage of giants down the ages. So today, I will be presenting a club-wielding modern giant stomping through one of the few areas of green countryside that remain… the local golf course.

Elephant’s blog is a treasure trove of forgotten illustrations and is well worth a frequent visit.
(I’m still taking requests if anyone is interested).




  1. Tiger Croods, eh?

    I like the background. Is that a house & chimney smoke or do I need glasses?

    Why do all cartoon characters have 4 fingers? Limited space or animation superstition?

    Looks like you’re fielding questions now. Well, dat’s life….ha!

    1. Good eyesight- I thought I’d miniaturised it too much ti be visible!

      While not a superstition, the 4 digit hand seems to be a convention. A wise old cartoon artist told me that five fingers made a hand look like a bunch of bananas.

      He was right

      Everyone sticks to 4 digits.

      1. This is problematic. I quite like bananas, so when I forget myself one day, due to intoxication or some similar occurrence, I may possibly eat my hand. That would be bad. Like really bad.

        I’ll go get a knife.

  2. This is a wonderful giant! Oh, happy day! Nobody has every drawn a picture for me before – it is a very happy moment for this elephant! And you said nice things about my blog – thank you and thank you again!

    You did a wonderful job! I like the fearful golfers – fear is an important element in any giant drawing. The burning house (like a village destroyed) – nice! And his modern club!!! A real giant of today. So many nice touches! His hair!!! He is perfect!!!

    It will be a while before I can get to work on my collage, but he will be the final phase of evolution! This is so exciting.

    Each time you mention you will make a drawing if someone makes a request I worry that you will be overwhelmed with requests – maybe people are shy, but I have to say it is a wonderful experience to ask for a drawing and receive one!

    Thank you,

    PS My email is back in order (I hope) if you had any difficulty sending it. If it is okay, I am going to print it out and put it up to enjoy!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it- it may take me a couple of days to tidy up for printing before I send it to you so hold on! Of course, it was your request so you’re welcome to do with it as you like as long as you don’t use it for commercial gain!

      Your blog deserves all the praise I can give it. It is really a joy to see some the masterful penmanship and colour washes displayed in such detail!

      1. Happy to make you happy. I am not in a rush, so no hurry at all (just didn’t want to annoy you with a returned email). After looking closely at thousands of illustrations, I can assure you that nobody’s work is perfect! It looks just great as it is. But you must be satisfied yourself.

        I wish that I could use the illustration for YOUR commercial gain, but I don’t know how. It sounds like the world is knocking at your door – so maybe commercial gain is the next step for you. Your plans sound interesting – good luck with the show and the card designs.

        Very happy about your giant!


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