Canvas sample

I got my first sample print before getting canvasses ready for my Grand Exhibition later in the year. Very exciting.

It’s odd that things sometimes just seem to fall into place.

I’ve never pushed my pictures at all but people have started to pick up on them… a chance meeting with an old school friend who owns a craft barn led to him offering me gallery space and he’s organising press coverage for the opening which hopefully means I’ll be able to sell the pictures and make it all cost-neutral. He also wants me to produce greeting cards and smaller prints…

And then there’s all of you- a motley crew of around 150 with new recruits signing up daily. We are almost in a position where we can purchase our own galleon and set sail for the mystical land of Gorgonzola!!




    1. It looks incredible at close quarters. I’ve got some 40×40 prints on higher quality canvasses on order which my friendly printer thinks is about a quarter of the size these images will scale up to!

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