Ladies and gentlemen, this is a final call for requests.

While we wait for the reliable Elephant to make a request everyone is invited to ask me to draw something of their choosing (except for bicycles and horses’ back legs). In return for your request, I’ll provide you with a .PDF of the completed picture to print/get printed in whatever format you like for your own use.

Today’s request comes from whose blog you can try out HERE

The actual suggestion was “Wicked Witch of the East avatar, ja! No pointy hat. Just a touk to honour my Canadian self and the Canadarm instead of a broom”. Which amazingly i managed to stick to without drawing myself off at a wild tangent.

Fans of the space programme may be aware of the canadarm but for everyone else, let me explain:
in 1975, the Americans thought they’d give their next door neighbours a chance join in with the space game and asked a team of unknown, unproven Canadian engineers to build a giant robot arm.

Naturally, the Canadians thought this was pretty cool. But then who wouldn’t think that a Giant Space Robot was cool?

Well, they only went and did it. Not only that, they made a pretty terrific job of it. The arm was used in 10 years worth of space shuttle missions and its follow up is now in use on the International Space Station.

What the rest of the world calls the Remote Manipulator System, the Canadarm has provided the Canadians with something to brag about other than ice hockey and maple syrup which are their national sport and national drink respectively.

Now I’ve not had confirmation of this at time of writing but it seems likely that a touk is a Canadian beanie, possibly deriving from the European word ‘toque’ which was a brimless hat.

Oh! The picture! I drew this at tiny size and I think it shows-compare it to yesterday’s picture for the difference in the quality of the drawing.

And someone else please offer your suggestion for tomorrow’s picture!

Is that Canadian enough?



  1. Bloody good sketch – thanks.

    Toque is, I assume, is the original word. When I was fresh off the boat here and half-Brit as all Indians are, using propah English words such as “skirting” (baseboard), “torch” (flashlight) and pronouncing them ze ‘ol English way, made Canadian maple glaze take on a whole new meaning.

    A blessing to you – One day, may your story-telling make your sketches blush…

  2. I still have my thinking toque on! I hope your offer has not expired! What I would like to see is a giant. I am thinking of making an “evolution of the giant collage.” So your giant can be small or really big but it must be giant! Also, would it be okay to incorporate it into my evolution collage along with some of my ancient lovables. Please make the giant any way you want, but I have noticed they sometimes have weapons (those ball with spike and chain things or a club is popular). They are frequently dress like Tarzan with homemade raggady boots; hunched over or rising up to full height to deliver a blow; poorly coiffed with wild hair and perhaps a lopsided face. These are just my observations provided to fan the flames of your imagination.

    This is so exciting!

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