This request was from tobecooper. He actually asked for Baba Yaga to be riding an ogre but I got so carried away with the ogre that I forgot to put Baba Yaga on his back.

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Baba Yaga, as you probably know is an old crone who lives in the woods and has a great affinity with the forest.

But Baba Yaga is something of an anachronism. Many tales have her as a spiteful old woman who lives in a house on chicken-leg stilts that will chase you down until you are within her clutches.

Older tales though claim Baba to be a nurturing figure, mixing poultices and potions from the herbs of the forest.

In some of the earlier tales even her age goes against that of the stories told today, with Baba Yaga presented as a strong, young mother-figure.

The meaning of the word ‘baba’ also varies across Europe. In some languages, it means a young woman, others just ‘woman’. Archaic Russian has it meaning ‘midwife’ but by the time it reaches Poland, it means ‘ugly, vicious old woman’ which is really sticking the knife in deep and giving it a good, solid twist.

Ogres we’ll go into some other time because, without further ado, it’s time to bring on our drawing (s) for today. The second one is just a hugely magnified version of the first so that you can see just Baba Yaga.
(It also gives you an idea of the scale I work on)


Tobe, I will hunt you down and e-mail you a .PDF of this picture for your own personal use….




    1. And that fashion sense is very Baba Yaga, not taking into account the boots that princesses are going to be jealous of. Ogre has a lot of elements that I like, stylish hair in all the right places, proper eyes and teeth. Greaaatneesss!

  1. Great backstory and history lesson! I enjoy reading about what goes into a piece of work, and this certainly qualifies as one of those times. By the way, that witch reminds me of the old Looney Tunes witch from the 50s. I loved those cartoons. I now wish I could see them again!

    1. I’ve been thinking a lot about those cartoons recently- particularly the off-kilter backgrounds!
      Glad you enjoyed todays post- I’m trying to put a bit more into the writing.
      As a special gift, visit


  2. @Jack: I agree – the story, as told, is as brilliant as the sketch; short, sweet ‘n good.

    @Killkaties: Baba also means “Father” in several Indian languages. I love Baba Yaga’s teeth, hair and eyes. The boots are ‘ugh’? 🙂

    1. That explains why there are tales of her brother, also called Baba Yaga… now if someone could come up with a meaning that explains why she should be one of three identical triplets we would really have finished the etymology of Baba Yaga.

      Be careful not to offend her by casting aspersions on her boots- she has a flying mortar and pestle and could chase you down half way around the world!

      …and thank you for your advice on improving my posts!

  3. Could it be a trinity thingy given that even identical twins tend to have different personalities?

    UGG® boots….got it? I’d welcome a flying mortar and pestle visit from a crone…..I’d consider it a howdy from my future self! 😉

    1. In the story, the first of thee triplets is unable to help the traveller and refers them to the second who also unable to help and refers the traveller to Baba Yaga, with a warning of the dangers yet to come…

      Your Ugh boots pun did not go amiss but keep your fingers crossed that visit is from a far-distant future self… Say a couple of centuries down the line?

      1. Dangers to come….hmmm…..Wicked Witch of the East avatar, ja! No pointy hat. Just a touk to honour my Canadian self and the Canadarm instead of a broom.

      2. A mini Canadarm perhaps… and a toque (I’m imposing a European spelling)… As there seem to be very few suggestions, I’lll take that as a challenge.

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