Limited time offer

I’ve set up my Peanuts style stand and am going to offer you the opportunity to choose what you’d like to see an illustration of/about. Once it’s posted here (or possibly before) I’ll e-mail you a .pdf of the drawing that you can print off at a huge size (the biggest I’ve had one scaled to is a 40X40 canvass with no pixellation or loss of quality.

So… Make your suggestion either below or by e-mailing and I’ll set to work on your idea. Alternatively, I’ll just sit here in silence, knowing that no one is really that interested…




  1. Baba yaga riding a troll? That would be my suggestion after long deliberations and consultations with the spirits. The reasons for this choice are: *I remember your trolls and know you’ll knock it out of the park *it’s not something you see everyday *I like it.


    1. I mean asking for an elephant would be an obvious option. The question is what kind of an elephant? And even more importantly in what position should it be presented? What kind of attire should it sport? Should a mouse be involved too?

      1. Oh no! I am trying to think of something that that will suit your style. I like your drawings and the colors you use. I will not request a horse, bicycle or dinosaur.

        Still thinking,

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