Some day my prince will come

Princess Veronica bricked herself in and waited patiently for a suitor to arrive. Her bones were later unearthed by archaeologists who assumed her tower was some form of burial chamber.

Very impressive brickwork, Veronica!



  1. You occasionally provide us with these differently-styled portraits. Her eyes are very unkillkaties, but at the same time it is quite cool.

    Anyway, I strongly believe princesses have a better sense of fashion than that 😀 (What is it? A red sweater? For a princess? I’d accept chainmail or a six-part dress with towerlike shoulderpads, and black-and-white checkers on the back.)

    1. It is a sweater or possibly a sweatshirt.

      and you’re right about a princess’s dress sense but consider for a moment the notion that she may believe that she’s a princess.
      She’s loopy enough to brick herself into a tower. She may just harbour delusions of grandeur.

      1. I’d argue that loopy people dress more interestingly too. If I was a little bit more loopy, I would wear a pink jacket with a dragon on the back, and I’d have giraffes on my pants.

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