1. I don’t know, wouldn’t a more appropriate genre for a bloodthirsty multi-eyed and multi-handed goddess be metal? You can’t kill the metal, after all. They tried to kill the metal, but they faileed.

    (Though, I’m very OK with jazz too, and Mingus sounds neat.)

      1. I’m always around. Look at these red and white flags all over your wordpress’ visitors history. I comment less often because the logging in annoys me 😀 And I feel less majestic doing anonymous ‘The Real Tobe” guest comments.

        She has so many hands and yet she would probably still play that guitar with her tongue, just like Hendrix.

      2. Hendrix’s tongue guitar was a total hoax. He would hoist the Stratocaster up in front of his face and stick outbhis tongue but still pluck with his magical fingers.

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