70s TV Detectives

A quick Starsky and Hutch




      1. Yeah, what are you doing ‘katies? 🙂

        Tell us. Some random illustrations are always good and lovely, and your Starsky rocked my socks, but you can’t kill off the pirates! 😀 IN SPACE.

        I mean plotpoints aren’t a problem, I can give you plots, plots are dime a dozen, but the most important thing is not to lose you, you, in all of this.

      2. Don’t panic! It’s not as if I’ve killed them off!
        It’s just that they’re not doing very much at the moment- mainly lounging around watching tv and playing video games….
        As soon as anything interesting happens, I’m sure they’ll be right back!

      3. Okay! I thought you had given up and I was so looking forward to your take on space. Do they look out the window? Anything floating by their craft up there? Aliens? Abandoned space garbage? Something else?
        Hi Ho good to know!

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