Farewell, old friends

It’s no use… i’m completely at a loss as to what should happen to these pirates next (I think I need an author on hand).

So, without further ado, it’s time to bid them all goodbye!
I’m sure that no one cares too much anyway.




  1. I care! I feel like I am the biggest bother because I keep asking about pirates in space. It is stressing you so forget it – why bother being bothered with something like this! You have a great blog and are a great blogger (kind and responsive – what more can anyone ask for). But I have been waiting – so don’t say nobody cares!

    Before you go . . . these pirates need to lie and cheat and steal and ignore their national pride and do something crazy in space. Please make their heads explode or have them do something impossible for mere humans. Just do it before you give up the topic. Don’t wimp out! Space is not a place for the timid – it is a place for the biggest BS’ers who ever lived so just do something crazy before you give up!

    My best,

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