Goodbye Goat World

Well, a stitch in time did save nine. We lost Salty the Sea Dog, Satchel McGinty and “Child” which is all a bit of a same and very sad and all so we’ve decided to cheer ourselves up by saying ‘goodbye’ to Goat World with a big musical number, to be choreographed by Robert Fussie.

Here he is now, running us through how to master ‘jazz hands’. If rehearsals go according to plan, tomorrow it’s showtime!

Given this turn of events, I’m not entirely convinced that our repairs to the rift in space and time were entirely successful…




  1. Yes, your repairs to the space time continuum are suspect. Bob Fosse? Mr. Jazz Hands? How did he end up in space? How did we lose these character? Jazz hands = the sign of the Devil (or maybe not!)

  2. I love this! The clothes are awesome-looking but it’s the shoes that do it for me! Reminds me of the 60’s American Bandstand show with dancers dancing up a storm to the jitterbug!

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