Goat World 3

You may remember, if you are remotely interested, that our crew was battling with reality follwing a rupture (or possibly a rift…perhaps even a tear) in the space/time continuum.

Luckily we have just the man to repair it- Kappy Jr with his dress-making skills!

They do say that “a stitch in time saves nine” so the question is- which nine of us is it going to save? Stay tuned tomorrow to start discovering the consequences of colliding with other worlds and time-streams…


…and again, this time in close up.




  1. I think he should thread the needle before he continues stitching things up! You can tell he knows what he is doing because he has his tongue sticking out – a sure sign he is an expert!

    1. I think the needle is threaded that way to do a little ‘invisible mending’.

      …and my nieces and nephews must be experts- they always stick their tongues out at me.

      1. Oh, invisible mending. . . I remember that was a concept, but I have entirely forgotten what it was – something a dry cleaner or tailor did?!? . . .
        Glad family members are sticking their tongues out at you – nice when the family cares!!

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