please imagine that yesterday’s second post was only just posted NOW

In other news… Does anyone happen to have a plot line lying around? Ideally for a gang of space pirates but will settle for less



  1. Here’s what you need to do! Researrrrrch! Read One Piece and watch some old-school American sci-fi movies, and your writing/inspiration/imagination will be all set for adventure.

    Anyway, maybe have them stranded in space for a week, let us spend some time with them all interacting with each other?

  2. ALL pirate plots are simple – Impossible quests, impossible obstacles, impossible characters ending with an impossible outcome. Pirate stories are character driven – and you have the characters! If they didn’t use pirate speak, wear funny clothes, fight, drink and dance – well, they would just be ordinary idiots!

    If I were you, I would follow tobecooper’s advice and watch a couple of old flicks. Look at the history of the early years in space – some crazy ideas and slick designs. I like the stranded and “introducing” themselves idea too.

    If you did something strange with your posts in the past few days I missed it entirely.

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