Born into an exceptionally wealthy family, Little Tycho was “misplaced” amongst the constant stream of party guests and revellers.

In point of fact, he had been kidnapped by a drunken uncle who had mistaken him for his own pet monkey. Tycho escaped by disguising himself as a garden gnome and fleeing the country.

He went on to pursue studies in astronomy and mathematics, about which he was passionate. So passionate, in fact that he lost his nose in a duel with a friend who disagreed with his interpretation of the binomial theorem. His prosthetic nose is made of porous rubber which expands and contorts with changing climactic conditions.

His love of astronomy makes him an ideal crew mate and he’s pretty handy with a posidrive screwdriver too.

strange historic parallels exist here


  1. After reading the story I wanted to say you’re awesome. After reading the link, it turns out Tycho was awesome. You got some awesome points anyway, for adding him to your crew but not as many as it was thought you would get.

  2. A lovely little crew mate with an interesting past – an engineer with nav skills – always good on a voyage. Earring and plank – very good. His ear-holes look like eyes – yes, he has a unique four-eyes look. His scarf and the knot in it, like a bow and very fashionable these days.

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